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WiFiSpoof 3.4.5 | 7.64 MB

WiFiSpoof 3.4.5 is the ultimate system network tool giving a quick overview of the current state of your Mac’s network devices.

Quickly inspect your current network setup including:

  • Easily see all available network interfaces
  • Current MAC Address
  • System hardware MAC Address
  • Current Wi-Fi connection BSSID, SSID, Security, Channel, RSSI, Noise, Tx Rate and MCS Index
  • Current Wi-Fi card vendor data
  • MAC Address spoofing*
  • Advanced rule support for Wi-Fi connection changes*
  • Reverse OUI lookup (easily update the inbuilt database in preferences)


Easily change your WiFi MAC address, in an easily reversible manner – no need to see about commands Terminal Server.
Quickly and effortlessly change your MAC address by assigning keyboard shortcuts.
Because you should be in control of your software, not vice versa.
Protecting your privacy on public WiFi networks.

MAC Address Spoofing
Easily change your MAC address Wi-Fi / Ethernet, without playing with the Terminal. Generate completely random MAC addresses or specific providers with integrated database vendors.
fully customizable
Set custom rules for all your favorite networks: randomize every 30 minutes in your favorite coffee shop, set a predefined MAC address at work and set another MAC address in your home. The possibilities are endless.
Global shortcut keys
Configure global keyboard shortcuts to instantly access the main window with information useful network, randomize your MAC address or alternate function built -in timer.
Private Browsing
Avoid silly restrictions network and protect your privacy while browsing public Wi-Fi networks. MAC addresses are not encrypted while browsing the Internet, leaving your computer as a potential target for unwanted tracking.

What’s New:

Version 3.4.5:

  • vendor selection is now correctly remembered for each device
  • fix for randomize by vendor
  • updated Sparkle

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit





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