VPN Server Configurator 2.6.1

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VPN Server Configurator 2.6.1 macOS | 2.8 Mb


VPN Server Configurator 2.6.1 Would you like to access your Mac via the Internet using only native Mac OS X, and be confident in the reliability and security of data transmission? You need a VPN Server. Now you can start a VPN Server on Mac OS X! Program configures and makes active the native VPN Server Mac OS X. With this program you can configure and make active the VPN Server Mac OS X without special knowledge how to do it. Enter the number of client computers, click the button “AutoConfig” and you can connect to your Mac from anywhere! An Internet connection is the only thing required.



What is a VPN connection?
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection lets you connect to your LAN (Local Area Network) or a remote computer from anywhere. An Internet connection is the only thing required.

You can connect to a VPN Server Mac OS X from Mac / iPhone / PC and you can also use all the services your LAN provides, such as:

Access to shared files and folders on your remote computers.
Remote control of your computers in LAN.
Screen Sharing.
Printer Sharing.
Web Sharing.
Remote Apple Events.


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