URL Extractor 4.5.1

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URL Extractor 4.5.1 | Mac OS X | 7.6 MB.

URL Extractor is a Cocoa application to extract email addresses and URLs of files from the web, and looking through search engines. Can from a single website and browse all connections inside in search of emails or URL to extract and save all user – HD.

It allows the user to specify a list of web pages used as starting points navigation and go to other websites using cross navigation. You can also specify a set of keywords; then searches the web pages related to keywords through search engines, and begins a cross – navigation pages, collecting URLs.

You can browse for hours without user interaction mode Web extraction, extraction of all URLs found in all Web pages surfs unattended; or from a single search engine with keywords, looking at all linked pages and resulting in a URL browsing and unlimited extraction.

URL Extractor can also extract a single file or the entire contents of a folder on your hard drive at any nested level.


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