TouchCopy 16.36

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TouchCopy 16.36 | macOS | 10 mb




TouchCopy 16.36 Backup music and other media from your iPod and iPhone. TouchCopy lets you copy your music, video, photos, text messages, and more from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad back onto your Mac or directly into iTunes.




• Transfer music and playlists from your iPhone, iPad or iPod back to iTunes on your Mac.

• Save your Text Message, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations to your Mac.

• Save Voice Mails from your iPhone to your Mac.

• View and copy Calendars, Contacts, Notes, internet history and more to your Mac.

• Powerful iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad File Manager allowing you to copy files to and from your iOS device.

• Includes a comprehensive help system and friendly email support.

• Support for iOS 10 and iOS 11

• New user interface.

• The ability to save iPhone SMS, MMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp conversations in text, HTML, and PDF formats.

• A complete redesign making TouchCopy 16 faster and more reliable.


Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit



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