Total War: WARHAMMER II 1.0

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Total War – WARHAMMER 2 v1.0.dmg


Total War: WARHAMMER II 1.0 (v1.5.0 Build 8774.1520175) | 62.67 GB

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.14!!!
Processor type(s) & speed: 2.0GHz Core i5
RAM minimum: 8 Gb
Video RAM: 2 GB
Storage: 90 GB!!! available space


  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Curse of the Vampire Coast
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Lokhir Fellheart
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Queen & The Crone
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Alith Anar
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Rise of the Tomb Kings
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Tretch Craventail
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Mortal Empires
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Blood for the Blood God II
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – Steps of Isha


  • English

text only:

  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish – Spain
  • Czech
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese – Brazil
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

Default language -> English

Cure: ACTiVATED (new wave)
Special thanks: TNTmescherbilb

More info (Steam)

PS app hangs when trying to exit to desktop – use force quit (bugs ACTiVATED lib).

Total War: WARHAMMER II is a strategy game of titanic proportions. Choose from four unique, varied factions and wage war your way – mounting a campaign of conquest to save or destroy a vast and vivid fantasy world.

This is a game of two halves – one a turn-based open-world campaign, and the other intense, tactical real-time battles across the fantastical landscapes of the New World.

Play how you choose – delve into a deep engrossing campaign, experience unlimited replayability and challenge the world in multiplayer with a custom army of your favourite units. Total War: WARHAMMER II offers hundreds of hours of gameplay and no two games are the same.


OS: macOS 10.14
Processor: 2.0GHz Intel Core i5 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 2GB Nvidia 680MX, 2GB AMD R9 M290, 1.5GB Intel Iris Graphics 540 or better (see notes for more details)
Storage: 90 GB available space


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