The Foundry MODO 11.1v1

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The Foundry MODO v11.1v1 | Mac OS X | 626.3 MB.

3D modo 11 is unique and easy to use The Foundry software. It combines modeling, sculpting, painting, rendering and animation in a sophisticated workflow.

Performance in many areas
Support for OpenSubdiv 3 provides faster deformations. Caching animations ensures faster display in the display window and instances is faster. MeshFusion has also become more interactive.

Improvements in workflow
Your productivity is enhanced by other improvements and simplifications. For example, there is an improved GameExporter to work faster and with ItemList there are new methods of selection. Retopología automatic tools have been given new options and MeshFusion has also expanded.

Improved experience “Out of the Box”
New rendersetting presets and defaults improved that allow you to instantly create high – quality renderings and noise make working easier. Training videos and online help will help you master the problems. Installation and licensing process has been simplified, so you can start even faster.


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