Specter 1.8.0

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Specter 1.8.0 | Mac OS X | 66.7 MB.

Using the full power of Mac OS X (Quartz, OpenGL and CoreAudio), the editor AudioFile gives us a multi-instrumental analyzer spectrum in real time, with eleven different multi-channel and multi-trace meters.

Specter proposes a spectrograph, spectrogram, VU meter, oscilloscope, Lissajous window and more. Not only it serves to analyze audio inputs but also to receive from other sources network, thanks to the AUNetSend / AUNetReceive of Apple technology.

With this option, you will analyze the audio from any Audio Unit host another AU even if it is on another computer on the network, no problems. It is very accurate and efficient thanks to Quartz and OpenGL, everything can be adjusted in real time without any interruption of the audio stream.


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