SharpResize 2.0.2

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SharpResize 2.0.2 | Mac OS X | 4 MB. 

Prepare best thumbnails for your web or blog, resized evenly and with a polished look. SharpResize is lightweight, has controls and convenient shortcuts and produce a more polished result.

Many ways to take your picture: from the clipboard, drag it to the docking icon, application or alias, drag well into the image of SharpResize or open a file dialog
Result slicker because it uses the resampling Lanczos instead of the more usual bicubic
can be applied more clearly using a sharpening filter luminance improves contrast between pixels without affecting the color information
simple controls for size / quality output
Adjustment controls for exposure, contrast, saturation, vibration
sharp retina 2x and 3x versions without extra clicks, plus additional custom formats
Batch processing
Lightweight and fast loading




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Download SharpResize 2.0.2


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