Sensei 1.2.6

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Sensei 1.2.6 | macOS | 21 mb



Sensei 1.2.6 is an app that spans both software and hardware, including many more features than other apps in the Mac optimization category. It includes features for cleaning your disk, uninstalling apps, analyzing battery and disk health, monitoring CPU/GPU/RAM statistics, optimizing boot startup speeds and much more

Sensei Features
    • Performance Dashboard
    • Startup Speed Optimizer
    • Disk Cleaner
    • SSD Trim Enabler
    • HDD/SSD S.M.A.R.T Reporter
    • Disk Health Analyzer
    • Disk Benchmark
    • Disk Statistics Monitor
    • Partition Map Explorer
    • GPU Monitor
    • GPU Firmware Exporter
    • Detailed GPU/eGPU Reporter
    • Battery Health Analyzer
    • RAM Monitor
    • Thermal Dashboard
    • Fan Control (coming later in Q1)
    • CPU Monitor
    • Temperature Monitor
    • App Uninstaller

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later 64-bit



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