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Retool | 388.81 MB

Retool is a 3D puzzle game set in piracy incomplete orbital defense stations orbiting the Sinai, the home planet of the alien species known as Onix.

After 43 years of war, the victorious and defeated Onix humans. The victory came at the expense of the destruction of their planet and orbital stations. Instead of repairing themselves, Onix used their captured prisoners as slave labor to rebuild their destroyed property, starting with the seasons.

You are Mary, an engineer who was captured in the last weeks of the war. Having left your prison cell at a station, you must escape and return home.

key features
Hack computers to reconnect electronic components to work the way you want
Journey through twenty different stations to help Mary escape the Onix
enjoy a lot of electronics and an arsenal of weapons to move stealthily or violently Onix guards
Experience the unique cloning system where you can never lose on one level
Get updates that allow you to hack more efficiently
Collect different hats to end Onix stylish
Enjoy a surround soundtrack created by Liz Rainsberry
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