Postico 1.3.4

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Postico 1.3.4 | Mac OS X | 7.68 MB. 

Postico offers an easy-to-use interface, which makes Postgres more accessible for both newcomers and specialists. Postico will be familiar to anyone who has used a Mac before. Simply connect to a database and start working with tables and views. Start with the basics and learn about the advanced features of PostgreSQL as you go.

Postico is an intuitive application to view the data. Filter rows, sort them, rearrange columns. You can browse long texts or images conveniently in the sidebar. Even related rows of referenced tables are shown. Edit rows directly, or use the sidebar, a great option for long text. You can even change several rows at a time. Batch saving (with SQL preview) allows you to make changes in multiple rows in a single transaction. Postico presents a query view inspired by Sequel Pro, the popular MySQL client. But with sophisticated features such as multiple query results, Postico goes even beyond its model to follow.




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