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Paws for Trello 2.2.3

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Paws for Trello 2.2.3
Size: 64.73 MB

Paws for Trello is a beautiful Trello client. It brings Trello to your desktop with native notifications, powerful shortcuts, and more – away from the distractions of your browser.

Distraction-free Trello Experience – Paws makes Trello feel right at home on your desktop. Stay productive with a beautiful minimal interface that doesn’t get in the way of your work.
Everything is Just a Shortcut Away – Set a global shortcut that opens the main window from anywhere. We also created handy shortcuts for all your Starred Boards for fast and intuitive navigation.
Native Notifications – Paws will alert you whenever there’s new activity in any of your Trello boards. You can customise the notifications and choose where you see them.
All Your Favourite Trello Options – Trello is already full of useful shortcuts and options. We’ve made sure they work as they were intended, including keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop, and more.

Version 2.2.0:

Multiple windows will now work as you would expect! We’ve rewritten a bunch of stuff around how the app works so when you have multiple windows open they will now be listed in the Window menu, will accept shortcuts correctly and more!
Right-click on the menubar icon will now give you options and access to your starred boards
Finally fixed window being cut off when switching between full screen and windowed mode – for users that had specifc zoom level set
App will now remember what board or card you were on when restoring the window
Added link and shortcut to the handy My Cards page in Boards menu
You are now able to export and download JSON files for cards and boards (as opposed to break the app when you try)
Improved scrollbars and close button on card details
Security fixes and improvements
Improved reliability of navigating between Boards any My Cards page using shortcuts
Fixed login pages in Welcome section not being readable after recent updates
Fixed Dropbox Power up authentication issues – we know the other ones are broken and we’re working on it!
Fixed overlapping email verification banner for new Trello users
The welcome window can now be resized and full-screened without breaking


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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars (No Reviews Yet For Paws for Trello 2.2.3 )

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