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Out Of Your Head 1.3a

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Out Of Your Head

Out of your head

Out Of Your Head 1.3a | 150.65 MB

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: 10.8+
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

What’s New

• Finally, Out Of Your Head is now compatible with macOS Mojave!
• Fixed a bug where the licensed presets still showed the trial mode icon.


Please read carefully the instructions before reporting this torrent.
They are provided both here and inside the torrent folder.

Hello everybody,

This release is not the simplest thing to install. Do the following:

1) Mount the provided dmg and install the product. On my machine the installer failed, but nonetheless the files were installed. Be prepared.

2) The software include a kernel extension that has to be enabled under Mojave and High Sierra. Go to System preferences / Security and Privacy / General,
and enable it if necessary. If requested restart your mac, possibly by choosing restart directly in the alert that comes up.

3) Replace the /Applications/Out Of Your application with the provided precracked one.

4) Replace the /Library/Application Support/Out Of Your Head/ with the provided precracked one.

5) You are ready to go.

Enjoy !

Virtual speaker software for headphones

Out Of Your Head is advanced audio software that replicates the experience of listening to high-end speakers using only headphones. The listener can listen to audio with the sound of different speakers and home theater systems with the affordability, privacy, and portability of just headphones. The sound is no longer inside your head, like conventional headphones—it comes from “out of your head,” as it does when you are listening to speakers and home theater systems.

Out Of Your Head is a breakthrough in audio processing software for headphones. It allows the listener to experience their music or movie as if they were actually sitting in the room with the speakers that were measured—but without having to actually be there. Think of it as audio “virtual reality.” If you close your eyes while listening to Out Of Your Head, you can “hear” the exact location of each of the 8 speakers in the room around you. You can even hear the sound reflecting off the walls. You can hear the difference between different models and brand of speakers.

Unlike traditional or existing “virtual surround-sound” processing and hardware that is currently available, Out Of Your Head does not simulate or create a virtual sound environment. Existing technologies do work to some extent in getting the sound sources out of your head, but they are far from accurate. Out Of Your Head plays back the sound exactly as you would hear it if you were actually sitting in the room with the speakers.

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Out of your head

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