OnyX 3.2.6

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OnyX 3.2.6 | Mac OS X | 38.6 MB.

Expert maintenance and optimization of Mac. Of
Mac OS X has become slow? Would you like to enhance the appearance of the Dock and make more functional the Finder with a touch of personalization? You should try OnyX, a maintenance kit and system optimization.

OnyX is very clever setting parameters Finder and the Dock, from the appearance and position, zoom effects, transparency and animation, through the ability to display hidden or system files. In addition, Onyx deletes Internet caches, the user and the system.

The most attractive and interesting part of OnyX is automating maintenance tasks, based on some scripts regular maintenance and perform prebinding system, checking authorizations files and speeding access to applications and system libraries .

In short, Onyx provides a cocktail of tools and utilities tweaks and improvements to the Mac OS X system, making its use more comfortable if the Finder or the Dock, and even much faster and efficient, running maintenance scripts, emptying caches and other system logs and accelerating access to applications.

Version 3.2.6:

Removing records improved
Removal improved application cache
Fixed bug that occurred when disclosing the record in the Finder OnyX
Fixed the error that occurred to reverse the default settings of the Automation panel
New option: Show / Hide button on the window Other … login
New option: Show / hide the dialogue off when the power button is pressed
Modifying the startup modes
Improved information panel
Remove the option to repair permissions
Integra SQLite3 version 3.19.3
Many fixes and improvements
Help improved, updated and reindexed


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