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oneSafe 2.2.3

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oneSafe 2.2.3 MAS | Mac OS X | 50.46 MB. 

Do you find it difficult to remember all those usernames along with their passwords for bank accounts, email accounts and social networks? Do not panic, oneSafe takes care of it.
Indeed, in addition to safely store all your passwords and other confidential data, oneSafe also synchronize the data between your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

In this way, always you have at hand wherever you are. oneSafe management application is a super secure password that lets you store all your confidential data, including the documents and images that must remain secret, in one place with all the guarantees of security.

With its sleek design, its customizable templates and intuitive interface, this app is incredibly easy to use: lock and recover your data has never been easier.

oneSafe for Mac allows you to : 
• Create, view and edit easily elements and tidiness
• Leverage templates ready to use with your data quickly
• Perform a backup to restore all your personal data stored
• easily copy and paste passwords and usernames complex
• Modify the textures, materials and colors of each item
• Mark any item as favorite to access it quickly
• Perform quick searches with your engine, easy to use and powerful at the same time
• Synchronize data between multiple devices using iCloud

Storage sure: 
• Numbers credit card
• PIN numbers and access codes
• Numbers social security
• Bank accounts
• Tax data
• Usernames and passwords
• Documents: PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
• Private Photos
• and much more!

• The highest level of encryption available, AES 256, to establish an insurmountable wall to any cyberattack
• integrated password generator for secure keys
• Automatic backup in an encrypted file




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Download oneSafe 2.2.3

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