News Headlines 3.3

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News Headlines 3.3 | Mac OS X | 3 MB. 

We understand that by dint have time to go through news articles every day long.
However, to keep up with news from around the world, “the news” brings latest Google News short less than 30 words to get a quick glimpse of the news right in the MenuBar your PC.
Just click on the icon to access MenuBar beautiful world news happening at the time.

– Some of the top charts of AppStore –

Other features:
▸ news without delay!
▸ News in brief words with less than 30 stories
▸ receive notifications about the latest news at the right time
▸ Choose between different categories of news and its other inte
▸ Set automatic update interval to receive notifications about new Google
▸ Log in with your account current favorite Google for news
▸ access to past articles in the Notification Center
▸ Ready to macOS Sierra
▸ very low CPU usage and memory
▸ your favorite language is inte rest
▸ search news you want read
▸ latest count 51 different Ries
▸ Supports 24 languages different

button functions:
• Start FrontPage
• fast news
• Menu to select a different category
• Refresh to reload the news
• Adjust preference, run at boot support, application support
• open preferences

Enjoy reading the article in the browser with just one click news of interest.



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