Movist 1.4.2

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Movist v1.4.2 | Mac OS X | 14 MB.

Amazing media player for Mac
Movist is an excellent media player for Mac, a worthy rival for MPlayer and VLC, open and based on QuickTime and FFmpeg code, which means it comes with libraries codecs for greater enjoyment.

The greatest asset of Movist is that brings support for high – resolution videos at 1080p and has a great smooth video, as well as the facilities required for playing videos on your Mac options. In

addition, Movist brings full support for subtitles, with many editing and viewing options. As for the interface, it is the very best we’ve seen so far, wearable, very manageable and easy to use, very easy thanks to its menus and floating controls.


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Download from other site: Movist 1.4.2


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