Mettle Mantra VR v1.27

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Mettle Mantra VR v1.27 for After Effects MacOS | 193.4 MB

Mettle Mantra VR Transform your footage into surreal and fantastic animations. After Effects and Premiere Pro.



  • New effect for Version 1.25 > Spherify. Transform your layer into a Sphere. 
  • Drag-and-drop effects directly onto footage and interpolate from 0%-100%, keyframeable, fully customisable.
  • Add a “Virtual Dolly” and “Virtual Jib” to stationary 360° footage with Mantra > Mobius Transform effect.
  • Create 360° Wormholes and Little Planets with your 360° Footage.
  • Built in “Mantra Node Panel” lets you stack and layer Mantra effects intuitively and quickly, takes care of scripting automatically.
  • Built in “Globe Preview Panel” let you work in 360°Mono and Stereo, to preview the 360° sphere and HMD POV
  • Audio reactive features built. Ideal for 360 music videos.
  • Formats: Rectilinear (Flat), Monoscopic, Stereoscopic (over/under)
  • Create Procedural textures for use in 3D programs
  • After Effects and Premiere Pro, Mac and WIN.

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