Memory Cleaner Pro 1.4

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Memory Cleaner Pro 1.4 + InApp | Mac OS X | 10 MB. 


Memory Cleaner: monitors, optimizes and frees memory
The application monitors the use of RAM in your computer and releases unused memory in a single click.

With Memory Cleaner, you can easily manage your memory usage. A status icon animated menu bar shows the percentage of memory being used and cleaning memory is running.

• Memory usage information shown in the menu bar
• Automatic memory is released with a custom threshold set by you.
• Bar dynamic and customizable menu
• List of applications with significant memory usage
• Memory usage by application
• Detailed information memory
• Manual memory is freed when necessary with one click.
• Beautiful graphic interface information to obtain accurate information at a glance.
• Set the dark or light mode according to taste.

Auto mode allows you to delete the inactive RAM automatically. You can set the threshold of memory usage for cleaning and the application will run in the background.
Set update interval to reduce the burden of cleaning application memory processes in progress.

More: Deep Memory Clean is a cleansing process that would end some time to clean, but will generate more memory. It is recommended to unlock Deep Clean for additional memory
Deep Clean has an advanced cleaning algorithm that cleans unwanted memory occupied by an unwanted process to speed up your Mac.




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