Master of Typing 3.9.0 (15.9.0)

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Master of Typing

Master of Typing 3.9.0 (15.9.0) MAS + In-App | Multilingual  | macOS | 73 mb



Master of Typing 3.9.0 (15.9.0) was created for those who want to learn touch typing. A lot of modern people almost live sitting at the computer. That’s why fast typing is very important now. Touch typing is a method of typing using all your ten fingers without watching the keyboard. Fast typing not only allows you to save time but also reduces switching of attention.


    • two modes: learning and test
    • study touch typing
    • increase your efficiency
    • colorful graphics
    • easy to use

Master of Typing – learn to type fast and effective and save your time. This app will help you to concentrate better and not to digress while working at the computer.


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Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64 bit



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