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Mail Designer 365 1.1.2

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Mail Designer 365 1.1.2 | Mac OS X | 489.34 MB. 

From Equinux: Mail Designer 365 (formerly Mail Designer Pro) is a professional tool for creating incredible newsletters for desktop devices and mobile devices. With the new version, it is now easier than ever to optimize bulletins and HTML emails for large and small screens, without any HTML coding. Create your mail designs for new generations of smartphones, such as iPhone, Nexus or Galaxy Note. Easily integrate videos, animations, graphics and more than 500 web sources. Get inspiration for innovative newsletter styles from one of the many email templates included. Design modern newsletters optimized for mobile devices with a powerful but familiar WYSIWYG interface.

Built for designers
With 80 professional templates, millions of design combinations, image editing tools and compatibility with web sources, your newsletters have never looked so good.

Works with each email client
Mail Designer 365 produces modern, tested and tested HTML that works with all email clients (yes, even Outlook).

Send directly or export to your Newsletter service
Send an email to your team directly from your own email address through Mail Designer 365, or export to your preferred email service provider.

All the features:
• Drag-and-drop visual design editor for millions of design options
• Create optimized newsletters for mobile devices: even show or hide content only on smartphones.
• Live preview: view your design on the latest iPhones and iPads
• Automatic photo and gif compression
• Support web sources (and backup) with more than 600 web sources for unlimited creative freedom
• Use text styles for easy editing and changes
• Add a preview fragment of the inbox
• Support for animated GIF
• Tools of ways to design buttons and legends easily
• Icons of social networks and call-to-action buttons included
• Previous checks find broken links and other problems

Send via:
• your email account
• Apple Mail (desktop design only)
• MailChimp and campaign monitor
• Export as HTML and upload to any bulletin service or marking the platform of automation
• Export as PDF
• Export as a website
• Export guides for all popular newsletter services

Updating from Mail Designer Pro 3? New in Mail Designer 365:

blocks Reusable design blocks that make creating a newsletter even easier. With headlines, images of heroes, catalog views, calls to action and footers, all predesigned to give your newsletter a professional update.

My design blocks
Build once, use it again and again: save and reuse the design blocks you have created, ready to use in your next newsletter.

filter effects Apply filters and effects to photos. Choose between styles like Vintage and Mellow, or apply attractive print, sepia or noir effects.

adjustments Adjust your photos to add “pop”. Edit the contrast and brightness, or add blur or a bullet highlight.

Search and sort
The completely new design selector adds search and sorting.

Support for High Sierra
Mail Designer 365 has been designed from scratch for macOS High Sierra.

New designs
Find excellent designs for sales, company announcements, store messages or your newsletter.

Exclusive access to news, instructions and content tutorials




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Download Mail Designer 365 1.1.2

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars (No Reviews Yet For Mail Designer 365 1.1.2 )

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