MacPilot 11.0.3

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MacPilot 11.0.3 | macOS | 43 mb

MacPilot 11.0.3 With the power of UNIX and the simplicity of Macintosh, you have a phenomenal amount of untapped power in your hands! Use MacPilot to unlock over 1,200 features, and access them all with the easy and familiar Macintosh user interface. No command line tools or complicated file operations!


Fully Loaded
Over 1,000 functions to edit your Mac experience and optimize your experience!
Alterna animations, shows the Exit menu shows the file path in the title bar of the window, use the screensaver as your desktop, show hidden files, disables the functions and more.
Add spacers and batteries / Smart menus display only open applications, lock settings, turn on the indicator light of the open application, fade icons of hidden applications and change many other effects and interface features.
Enable half – star ratings, turn off the elastic displacement, play songs while importing, disable access to the device, enable high – contrast interface, avoid checking for updates when devices are connected and more.
Window Logon
Configure the welcome text, enable a delay start, change the number of retries before the tip, turn off the power buttons, enable Kiosk Mode, disable access to the console, automatically lock the screen sign, show users the system requires manual entry of user name, edit items logon and release agents.
Full control over alarm clock, sleep, energy saving and more. From changing the duration of sleep and hibernate mode power up schedule events.
Force Safe Boot mode or 32/64 bits, enable debugging kernel, system RAM limit, mute the ringer start, disable kernel caches and toggle a variety of other advanced UNIX options.
Disable spell check, configure Search page to use ‘begins with’ instead of ‘containing’, disable site icons, disable caching, show the developing or debugging menu, change the string User Agent , have the Delete key return to the previous page, and more!
applications Slim
Remove only Intel or PowerPC version of an application.
Easy access
One – click access to internal system tools like Bluetooth, Certificate, RAID or Assistant directory.
Run cron, rebuild launch services, update the link, force empty the Trash, turn the system logs, delete the print queue, retrieve the inactive system memory, find and delete corrupted files and preferences.
Disc Information
See incredibly detailed information about the connected disks such as the number of free blocks and path of the displacement device tree daily and RAID status.
File Browser
Quickly and easily browse and edit advanced details of files and folders. Full control over permissions including access control lists.
File tools
Force deleting files, lock files, view / invisificar, merge folders, delete data ACL, create symbolic links quarantine and delete data.
Discover advanced information about network devices that goes beyond its IP address. Ever since DNS, IPV4, IPV6 to Proxies, Samba and share files!
See a complete list of ports, error codes, fonts, keyboard shortcuts, manuals and system configuration.
Save a system configuration for easy deployment in many systems or after a system restore.
See a list of advanced features that has hundreds of additional settings unproven but informed, for all versions of Mac OS X that date back to 10.0

What’s New MacPilot:

Version 11.0:
Note: Now requires OS X 10.13 or later

  • Major under-the-hood improvements for Mac OS X Catalina 10.15 compatibility


Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64bit



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