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Lungo 1.5.1 MAS | Mac OS X | 8 MB. 

Lungo prevents your Mac to sleep and the screen darkens. 
Important: Lungo not prevent your Mac fall asleep if you close the lid. This is a limitation of Mac App Store. 

This can be useful when:
– Make a presentation at work 
– Watch YouTube videos so not full screen 
– Cooking and taking the prescription open on your computer 
– Read a long article without moving 
– Using the screen to view live stats 
– Monitoring progress on a long – term task 

– Click the right mouse button or select Options and click on the icon in the menu bar to turn quickly. 
– Choose enabled with a left click instead of Preferences.
– Choose enabled at launch in the Preferences. 
– Set the default duration in Preferences, which is used when Lungo is activated by clicking the icon in the menu bar.

What’s new

– Now it requires macOS 10.13. 
– Added “two hours” and “eight hours’ duration. 
– configuration Added “Allow display sleep”. This will allow the display normally sleep, but just prevent your Mac to sleep. 
– Added the “Dim Icon When Deactivated” setting. This will make the icon dims when Lungo is disabled so that the difference between the on / off status is clearer. 
– Added support for custom URL scheme. This is for advanced users who want to write Lungo. $ Attempt to run `open ‘Lungo: minutes = 10’` activate the Terminal application. See the website for more information Lungo.




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Download Lungo 1.5.1


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