Kodak Preps 8.3.0 build 175

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Kodak Preps 8.3.0 build 175 | Mac OS X | 385 MB. 

One of the tools used in the printing industry, the PREPS imposition software produces faster and more accurate impositions that maximize the use of print sheets. With templates and libraries flexible and easy to use, the PREPS software facilitates the production of similar or repetitive work effectively, efficiently and automatically.
PREPS Imposition Software produces faster and more accurate impositions that maximize the use of recording sheets. Its automated imposition process reduces delivery time and reduces costs.

Key Benefits
– Makes it quick and easy to create, store and manage step by step, reducing delivery time and costs so you can get more jobs, faster
– Handles complex jobs for digital and conventional printing easily
– produce similar or repetitive jobs with ease, saving time and reducing costs with templates and libraries.
– efficiently and effectively manage any printing project using specific interfaces for commercial and packaging applications
– A standard software industry well known for print operators minimizes training and maximizes productivity

software capabilities
– Flexible templates and easy to use facilitate the production of similar or repetitive work efficiently.
– The search tool template allows you to quickly find a Preps template for reuse.
– Define how to place a check mark depending on the needs of work or production SmartMarks
– Defining rules using SmartMarks automatically into a JDF workflow or automatically generated with SmartMarks Editor
– Improved production reporting colors, dimensions and equipment specified for the job
– Enhanced step-and-repeat for packaging and packaging – specific interface
– the AutoGang feature optimizes the placement of several works on a single sheet of prens
– Supports standard input PDF of industry and output files JDF

Kodak Preps 8.0 New features and enhancements:

Saving a separate page design as a pattern custom bent
You can now save a pattern custom bent with a section that includes separate pages. By adding these patterns fold to a press run, you will be asked to set the properties separate page.
Preps can now define subsections (or ribbons) in Custom Fold Patterns. This means you can use Preps to create a multi-web design, save it as a custom fold pattern, and then generate a running web press with custom folding pattern.

Print menu and Preferences for report design work
can now set default output for reports design values.

Remove marks through the process of importing JDF
If you are working with Preps templates that you have already defined templates brands / firms now have the ability to remove all existing brands through the process of importing JDF. Then you can use SmartMarks based on mark rules to replace them .

New shortcut keys to insert a new website and duplicate an existing web
You can now use shortcut keys to insert new sites and duplicate sites. See Shortcuts menu: Windows OS – based computers and shortcuts to menus

Disconnect the placement rules / packaging of resource property Stock (Substrate)
Autotardeo rules and gridlock are now defined Resources> Rule Editor box and gridlock, rather than defined as a resource property Stock (substrate). This means it is no longer necessary to define various properties of resources Stock (substrate) for this purpose. In the new Rules Editor Rice and Rice, have all the same defined resource skills Stock (substrate), plus additional fields to define a range of weight and size Paper Stock (substrate). A rule of automatic bottling autotardeo and will be activated when a resource Stock (substrate) that matches the range specified.

New profile to allow users to enable AutoShingling
There are two ways to apply the rules of autotardeo and gridlock: manually (in a box job design details dialogue) or automatically.
To apply the rule automatically on your profile Preps, set -AUTOSHINGLING and -AUTOBOTTLING YES. When new jobs, automatic and automatic bottling are automatically set to the box design work Details dialog they are created. The default is NO (NO), so you can control the use of Auto Shingling at a working level as needed.

Brand new capability to allow only marks in the Preps Job Layout Report
You can now edit a configuration SmartMark to place marks on the print executions that lets you restrict the mark to print only the report design work. The mark will not be printed on the production design.

Collation new brands for mixed binding styles
When production includes firms composed from different binding styles for example, has two perfect binding signatures consisting of three firms saddle stitching each-, you can now use classification markings mixed binding. In the example, firms are linked perfect the upper level and each will obtain a signature number for the collation mark. Sewn signatures riding obtain the same number of signs that the father and downstream tic indicating their number within the parent firm.






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