Klanghelm MJUC Variable-tube Compressor 1.4.2

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Klanghelm MJUC Variable-tube Compressor


Klanghelm MJUC Variable-tube Compressor 1.4.2 | 49 MB


Klanghelm MJUC Variable-tube Compressor 1.4.2 MJUC is the most effortful Klanghelm plugin to date. It took almost two years of extensive, dare I say “excessive”, research and development. To create MJUC I’ve researched and analyzed each and every variable-mu* implementation I could get my hands on to get the best of tube compression into a single processor. In order to do the diversity of this compression topology justice, three different models have been built.

These are kind of a time travel though the history of tube compression to capture the essence of each generation. Each model has its own dedicated signal path and dedicated control set. If desired you can tweak the overall tone and saturation of each model with the unique TIMBRE and the DRIVE control. DRIVE controls the load of the input and output transformers as the saturation of the tube gain stages, if applicable. The TIMBRE extends MJUC’s use as a tone shaping device.

MJUC is the first Klanghelm plugin, that’s built with the help of a new framework. That’s brings a lot of new usability features such as GUI-resizing, AB-ing and a feature-rich platform independent preset browser with save/copy/paste/save-as-default functionality. Furthermore it’s possible to tweak the knob behavior, enable tooltips, show/hide value labels and more. All these features will find their way to the existing Klanghelm plugin as soon as possible

MJUC changelog
Friday, February 7, 2020
fixed phase cancelations in HQ-mode when mixing in the dry signal

Homepage https://klanghelm.com/contents/products/MJUC/MJUC.php



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