KitBash3D – Neo Tokyo 2 Proper (MAX/C4D/FBX/OBJ)

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Kitbash3D – Neo Tokyo (1)

KitBash3D – Neo Tokyo 2 (MAX/C4D/FBX/OBJ) | 223.42 MB

A sequel that actually lives up to its predecessor. With newly imagined skyscrapers, expanded and enriched city blocks, a larger variety of towers and fresh sub-details like rad billboards and bold helipads, this kit will redefine your sci-fi worlds and empower all your designs of the future.

Technical Specs
RENDER ENGINES: Octane / Vray / Redshift / Native Renderers
POLY COUNT: 2.1 Million
TEXTURES: Tileable
SHADERS: Included

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Kitbash3D – Neo Tokyo (1)


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