Infinit Essentials Muzik Box VST AU

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Infinit Essentials Muzik Box


 Infinit Essentials Muzik Box VST AU RETAiL OSX | 92.5 MB


Infinit Essentials Muzik Box VST AU is a High-Quality Music Box we sampled from a old music box made in 1907. the music box we sampled in fact is a replica of a Fabergé music box. we added a nice dark feel to the samples to give it more of a edge.This dynamic software, concept, idea, and design was built by S3 aka S3MI SOSA.

We made this plugin simple and intuitive to use so you can get right to making some fire right out the box Muzik Box works with any Windows or Mac daw except for pro tools. Muzik Box Comes in both VST & Audio Unit (AU) format.

FX and Controls
Filter Hight / Low
LFO Controls Rate Depth and More
Velocity Curve
Vinyl Effect



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