Icons8 5.6.7

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Icons8 5.6.7 | Mac OS X | 98 MB. 

Icons8 is the collection of the world’s largest icons to get inspiration from the user interface for graphic designers, web and graphics, providing a wealth of design resources for designers. I think most designers UI / UX have been stuck for inspiration at some point. When that happens, usually they resort to some web design or communities to find something useful sites. Recently, I found a website called Icons8, which provides many design resources for designers. I hope that is favorable to creativity of designers.

What we can provide?
– Users can download icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PDF or as a source format (all PNG files up to 100 px they are free icons “Very basic” they are also free in SVG); The ICO format is available in the Windows application.
– There are web applications, Mac and Windows.
– Icons8 develop 7 different styles and follow the guidelines Apple, Microsoft and Google. Also they combine their icons with native operating system icons.
– Icons vectors merge and have preserved forms
– All users can use special effects and icons change color.
– Users can drag icons to Sketch, Photoshop, Xcode or anything else.




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