HLG CINEMATIC LUTs for Final Cut Pro

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HLG CINEMATIC LUTs for Final Cut Pro | 1.0 MB



After experimenting with the HLG3 (Hybrid Log Gamma) on the A7III I was so blown away by the quality you can achieve with this new Picture Profile so that I created some new LUTs for you guys to get the most out of your Sony A7III!

This new Picture Profile gives you such a great color/dynamic range on your footage, it really reminds me of the Arri Alexa look you know from big movies. What’s also great is that you don’t have to over/underexpose – Just keep your exposure at 0 and everything’s fine! Forget about Slog (I never used anyway), these results are just amazing!

With my HLG LUTs you will get a nice cinematic Color Grading without any hassle. You can tweak them further by adjusting HSL secondary, Contrast, Saturation and Exposure.

These LUTs work in Final Cut Pro X as well as in Adobe Premiere Pro.
You will get 20 .cube files

HLG Picture Profile settings included

Homepage https://sellfy.com/p/iFQm/







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