Hides 5.2

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Hides 5.2 | Mac OS X | 5.93 MB. 


Increase your productivity with Hides! Clear your desk effortlessly with one quick press to quickly hide confidential information. Enable Focus Mode to focus on the task at hand.

What is the focus mode?
The focus mode automatically hide all open applications except the one that is currently working! You have no excuse to procrastinate. Once enabled, the focus mode works like this :
every time you click on the icon (or window) the dock of an application, all other applications will be hidden instantly. This creation is a workspace free of distractions and, ultimately, more productive.

Leathers can also quickly hide all open applications, giving it a fresh and clear space work.

You can configure Hides easily with global hotkeys, allowing you to erase effortlessly your desktop all the applications currently running, with a quick keystroke, or fast mode of approach to a work environment free of distractions.

• Focus mode (only one application is active on screen at once)
• Close all open applications
• both options can be enabled via the menu bar or from a combination of user – defined keys.




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