Framer Studio 89

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Name: Framer Studio
Version: 89
Size: 55.53 MB
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.10.+
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

what’s new:

New sidebar with instant access to layers, states, animations and more
• All-new detachable preview window
• New preview modes without devices
• New welcome window with examples and resources
• The TextLayer to the library
• Insert Menu item for the TextLayer
• In-App Docs and Auto-Complete for the TextLayer
• A utility to load web fonts to the library
• The RangeSliderComponent to the library
• Snippet for the RangeSliderComponent
• Auto-Completion for the SliderComponent
• Auto-Completion for the RangeSliderComponent
• Auto-Completion for Value Change Events
• In-app documentation of the RangeSliderComponent
• A new Spring curve syntax, using damping
• The ability to time your Spring animations
• Auto-Code support for the new Spring syntax
• Right-click to copy layer animation values
• Cmd + Click on a layer in the panel to edit its state

• Device switching with quick access to various platforms
• Cleaner, more concise snippets
• Welcome window examples
• In-app Cloud integration
• In-app documentation of Value Change Events
• In-app documentation of the SliderComponent
• Syntax of Easing animation curves
• Syntax of Bezier animation curves
• FlowComponent Auto-Complete

• Fixed errors when editing states within events
• Fixed right-click in properties panel
• Welcome window projects would show an update dialog
• Update Library window would not show
• Preview would show indefinite spinner on some Macs
• Editing index.html in the project folder would cause a reload without unsaved changes
• Scrolling to top when reopening in-app docs
• Removed deprecated syntax from Auto-Complete

Framer Studio is a straightforward and powerful OS X development tool that helps developers design interaction prototypes and high fidelity animation prototypes using a user friendly interface.

Helps you take your animation and interaction prototyping to a whole new level
Framer Studio is as stylish as it is efficient, a thing that easily becomes evident once you start the application. Framer Studio’s main window features a code editing panel on the left side, a preview panel on the right side, and a comprehensive toolbar on the upper side of its window.

Besides the fact that Framer Studio comes with full drag and drop support, so you can drag any picture from your Mac’s desktop onto its viewer window, the application can also help you import files from Photoshop, Sketch or After Effects, for an easier way to transform them into interactive interaction and animation prototypes.

Features a plethora of useful features that will speed up your prototype building workflow
The fact that Framer Studio is a well-developed application with a user friendly interface becomes evident when you take into consideration the fact that it helps you boost your productivity with the help of snippets – small reusable code-blocks.

Furthermore, Framer Studio also features a Web Inspector that helps you discover, inspect, and correct errors in your code and an auto-complete function that makes it easy for you to speed up the process of adding functions, properties, and variables.

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