Flux 7.0.4

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The Escapers Flux 7.0.4 | Mac OS X | 68 MB.

XHTML / CSS web editor flavored web 2.0.

Flux is a sophisticated XHTML and CSS editor for web design. Drag and drop integrates the process of designing web pages, which makes it especially attractive for inexperienced in XHTML and CSS.
Of course, if the code is yours, Flux not lack reason to fight him, but you will use an advanced and packed with interesting features environment, such as effects on images, javascripts actions, etc.

Flux allows embedding objects as diverse as QuickTime movies, Flash animations and other objects. It has a WYSIWYG editor and a series of templates that will be helpful to beginners. For experts, it is worth noting Flux support for RGBA colors, multiple images in a DIV, etc.

What’s new in Flux:

Mobile design first.
Clipping paths.
Code assistance.
Touchbar support.
Style Gallery.
Inspector improved.
Dozens of improvements in the user interface.
Preview source Google.
Hundreds of bug fixes.


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