Espresso 5.1.1

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Espresso 5.1.1 | Mac OS X | 23.95 MB. 


MacRabbit hand, the creators of CSSEdit, comes Espresso, a development environment with an excellent pint, ready to pummeling Coda, one of the development environments preferred by maqueros.

Espresso takes advantage of Mac OS X to deliver a fully integrated environment with an HTML editor, another CSS, integrating a full browser and HTML code snippets, FTP client and plugins based architecture.

Powerful, usable, scalable, Espresso has it all: a powerful engine syntax, context – sensitive hint system code, preview instantly snippets library and the ability to expand and / or collapse the code, etc. It’s too good to be true. In any case, Espresso is an IDE with huge potential.




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Download Espresso 5.1.1


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