DepthCam Pro 1.2

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DepthCam Pro 1.2 | macOS | 27 MB.

DepthCam Pro is the perfect tool to edit your photos in portrait mode. Depth data easy cut and paste editing depth in other applications such as Photoshop.
– View / Edit depth maps
– View / Edit portrait effects mate (PEM)
– depth data intelligent conservation crops.
– Facebook 3D Photo Support

Smart Crop
DepthCam Pro lets you crop your photos in portrait mode without worrying about the underlying data depth. Smart Crop carefully applying the same dimensions of each layer trimming a picture including depth data and mate, if present.
DepthCam Pro for MacOS makes it easier than ever to create 3D photos that can be published on Facebook. 3D Facebook publication requires two things, a photo and a depth map.




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