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DAEMON Tools 6.1.346

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DAEMON Tools 6.1.346 | Mac OS X | 6 MB. 

DAEMON Tools Ultra is the most powerful, latest and advanced imaging software have created. Get the vast list of possibilities to work with virtual drives, create bootable USB bar for operating system recovery, use RAM disk to speed up your PC and evaluate the only iSCSI Initiator that allows connection to USB devices.

Mount all types of image files
DAEMON Tools for Mac is more than imaging software. Lets you play FLAC or APE audio images, work with VHD, unzip files and assemble everything from ISO to BIN.

Create images and audio data
DAEMON Tools for Mac lets you use virtual disks for backup, compress and protect your data. Create your own images and audio data from selected folders.

Keep hand images
Once DAEMON Tools for Mac is installed, all image files can be mounted from Finder. You can also access your files in practical image catalog. Choose your favorite 12 ways available to mount images with DAEMON Tools for Mac.

Burn files to images with Virtual Burner
Writable Virtual Device is a completely new feature introduced in DAEMON Tools for Mac 4. Once you create a recordable drive, you can use it to emulate the recording process in iTunes and any third party application.

Speed up your Mac with RAM disks
Do not let anything stop you . Use the fastest memory for maximum performance. Store temporary files, browser cache and run applications from the RAM disk created and mounted via DAEMON Tools.

Feature advanced iSCSI Initiator
Upgrade your DAEMON Tools for Mac iSCSI Initiator. Connect to iSCSI targets multi-platform and gain access to remote virtual and physical devices.





  1. Copy the app to your Applications folder
  2. Starts in test mode. You must allow outbound connections program (not block it with Little Snitch or Hand off, or some other firewall)
  3. Once the trial began click “+ iSCSI” (in part sup. Right of the menu)
  4. Select Test to activate ISCI Initiator.
  5. Close the program.
  6. Go to the Applications folder -> Right click on DAEMON Tools -> Show Package Contents -> Contents -> MacOS.
  7. Daemon Tools replaces the file with the patch included.
  8. Now if you must block outgoing connections Daemon Tools.
  9. If you go to Menu -> Daemon Tools -> License, you will see that the program is activated.



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Download from other site: DAEMON Tools 6.1.346

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars (No Ratings Yet For DAEMON Tools 6.1.346 )

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