Clover EFI bootloader 2.4 r4114

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Clover EFI bootloader 2.4 r4114
Size: 11.63 MB

Clover – loader that can boot Mac OS X and Windows from Linux. But its main feature is, download Mac OS X. This is why it was created. Basis Clover’a EDK2 + blows.

And now for the Clover:
boot into 10.4 – 10.11 OS X, Windows EFI and Linux EFI
Clover EFI provides RuntimeServices system, it is impossible to boot through BIOS.
basically, Clover installed equipment automatically determines the desired properties and exposes the default
but, if desired, the user can change the set properties config.plist
you can use the restart through the panel System Settings-> Startup Disk
you can specify a unique ID in config.plist, and be confident that it will see its system
SMBIOS table an amendment is made to the standard 2.6
ACPI tables an amendment made to the standard 4.0.
The modified DSDT is loaded from the root partition bootable system or from a catalog EFI
adjustment reboot and sleep-wake problems
automatic connection of video cards from ATI, Nvidia and Intel.
With customizable.
adjustment problems USB 3.0 up to standard
injection properties of sound and network cards.
power management and CPU frequencies
Upload or discharge additional tables ACPI (SSDT-xx, APIC, BOOT, SLIC, SLIT, SRAT, UEFI …)
loading of additional drivers (kexts), FireWire installation mode
Startup after a pause, customizable appearance (which can be saved to a file on the F10)
Saving Reports in the system and to run the system (for F2) to diagnose problems.

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