ClassicWeather Premium 4.0

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ClassicWeather Premium 4.0 + In-App | Mac OS X | 16 MB. 

Weather widgets, weather in the dock and the menu bar.
Mac version of the popular weather app for iOS (ClassicWeather).

• Current Conditions.
• Forecasts for 7 days.
• Forecasts for the next 12 hours.
• Forecasts for hours.
• Forecasts in text format.
• Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.
• Chance of precipitation.
• Local time.
• Sunrise Sunset.
• Multiple cities.
• Current location.
• Forecasts on the Dock menu and the menu bar menu.
• 2 modes (single window or widgets).
• 3 designs of widgets, 4 sizes
• Retina.

Additional premium features: 
• Forecasts for 10 days.
• Forecasts for the next 24 (+) hours.
• atmospheric humidity.
• Wind direction and speed.
• Current Status on the Dock icon and menu bar.
• icon in the Dock and / or in the menubar.

Major purchases in the application: 1. Premium included

What’s new

New weather service.
The above weather service (Wunderground) has discontinued its service in late 2018.





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