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BusyCal 3.7.0 | 28.03 MB

BusyCal 3.7.0 is an award-winning desktop calendar that combines personal productivity features for individuals with powerful calendar sharing capabilities for families and workgroups. Its unique features include a non-modal Info Panel for easier data entry; To Dos that display in the calendar and auto-forward until completed; repeating To Dos; customizable calendar views including a List view and scrolling Month and Week views; adjustable font styles and sizes, live weather feeds, moon phases, graphics, sticky notes and more. And when you first launch BusyCal, all of your iCal data is instantly imported. BusyCal automatically syncs with iCal, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and other apps and devices that sync with MobileMe or Sync Services. If you later decide to switch back to iCal, all of your calendar data will be current.

BusyCal allows families and workgroups to share calendars with MobileMe, Google Calendar, iCal Server, and other CalDAV Servers. You can even share calendars with other BusyCal users on a local area network without the need of a server. And BusyCal syncs with iCal, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and other apps and devices that sync with MobileMe or Sync Services.


  • View and edit event details in a non-modal info panel.
  • Create repeating To Dos that display in the calendar and carry-forward until completed.
  • Scrolling Month and Week Views.
  • Customizable list view lets you filter and sort events by date, calendar, and more.
  • View live weather forecasts, sunrise/sunset times, and moon phases right in your calendar.
  • Customizable event fonts, sizes, styles and colors.
  • Add graphics to your calendar.
  • Add virtual sticky notes to your calendar.
  • Sync with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch via MobileMe, Google Calendar, or iTunes.
  • Sync with MobileMe Calendar and other computers/devices that sync with MobileMe.
  • Sync with Google Calendar and other computers/devices that sync with Google Calendar.
  • Sync with other BusyCal users on a local area network or over the internet.
  • Share calendars with others, with password-protection and SSL encryption.
  • iCal compatible

What’s New:

Version 3.7.0:

  • Modern Authentication (MFA / 2FA / SSO) support for Office 365 accounts
  • You can now change the privacy setting on meeting invites received for supported CalDAV servers (such as Google Calendar)
  • A new setting under Appearance Preferences allows you to display events grouped by calendar in Month view and the all-day section in Day / Week views
  • Attendees in a meeting invite can at times be of an arbitrary length. The “my status” options now appear above the attendee list to avoid having to scroll down


  • Handling of time-outs from Exchange when using push sync with multiple delegates
  • Detection and correction of malformed recurrence rules in calendar subscriptions
  • Performance improvements
  • Ongoing stability improvements


  • A bug where some users were unable to create To-Dos on a locally shared calendar over WAN
  • Banner appearance in menu app for Dark Mode
  • A bug where the location field would not present suggestions of Contacts marked as organizations
  • A bug where printing in list mode would skip certain pages if the text size was set to Large
  • A bug where a meeting from iCloud would display a cryptic URL instead of the organizer’s real email address
  • A bug where the left panel would scroll back to the top when reordering lists
  • A bug where all day detached events from exchange would at times would ignore the originally assigned timezone
  • Tentative day colors in the availability viewer for Dark Mode


  • When printing Day view, the To-do list is now automatically hidden when there are no tasks to print
  • Day / Week view now display the text “DST” for the DST transition hour for clarity
  • Custom travel time input now accepts decimal numbers, such as “2.5 hours”
  • Added automatic handling of invites when coming from @me.com for users still on @mac.com
  • Collapsed calendar groups no longer automatically expand when selecting events in the calendar

Home Page – http://www.busycal.com


BusyCal 3.7.0_mactorrents.cc.dmg


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