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Name: BetterTouchTool
Version: 2.263
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

BetterTouchTool > version 2.260 now has an integrated Clipboard Manager:

Activate it by assigning the predefined action “Show Clipboard/Pasteboard History” to any trigger in BTT.
The clipboard manager is designed to let you easily paste previously copied stuff (just select using the arrow keys, then press enter to paste)
Allows you to inline edit clippings, this will never modify the original file or clip, it will always create a copy.
Allows you to edit copied images
Allows you to save copied text to files and also paste it to a new file (cmd+d)
Favorites will never be deleted

BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to the Magic Mouse,
Multi-Touch MacBook trackpad, and Magic Trackpad.

These gestures are customizable:

Magic Mouse:
• Pinch in / out (zoom)
• single-finger tap left
• single-finger tap right
• single-finger tap middle
• single-finger tap
• single-finger click middle
• two-finger tap
• two-finger click
• two-finger swipe (up/down/left/right)
• two-finger tip tap left/right
• three-finger tap
• three-finger click
• three-finger swipe (up/down/left/right)
• four-finger swipe up/down
• four-finger click
• TipTap left/right

• single-finger tap top-left
• single-finger tap top-right
• single-finger tap top-middle
• single-finger tap bottom-left
• single-finger tap bottom-right
• single-finger tap bottom-middle
• single-finger tap left-middle
• single-finger tap right-middle
• two-finger tip tap left/right
• three-finger swipes (up/down/left/right)
• three-finger tap
• three-finger click
• four-finger swipes (up/down/left/right)
• four-finger tap
• five-finger tap
• five-finger swipe up/down/left/right (see FAQ)
• TipTap
• two-finger TipTap
• three-finger TipTap

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