Araxis Merge Pro 2017.4937

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Araxis Merge Pro 2017.4937
Size: 90.71 MB

The program for the two and three-way differencing / merge files and synchronize folders from the company Araxis.
Use this application to compare, understand and combine different versions of source code, web pages and other text files or even text copied and pasted from another application (eg, Microsoft Word).

Merge – this is a mandatory program for software developers, lawyers, managers for the production of products, web designers and other professionals who work with check various text files including ASCII files, MBCS and Unicode. Merge integrates with most management renewal of generations and systems for the application settings management programs.

The software application has a lot of features such as:
compare and synchronize two files
comparison and synchronization of the three files at a time
text comparison
Compare binary data
Image comparison
compare and synchronize two folders on disk
comparison and synchronization of the three directories on the disk at the same time
command line support (can be used, for example, in conjunction with StarTeam)
COM Interoperability support for application management software (you can use without having to work with files)

Version 2017.4855:
• An effectively unlimited number of regular expressions may now be specified for text comparisons, removing the previous limit of 10
• Comparison tabs can be reordered by dragging and dropping
• The Merge text editor supports the additional standard macOS keyboard shortcuts
• The performance of jumping to the next/previous change in a folder comparison containing a very large number of unchanged files has been drastically improved; likewise, the enabling and disabling of the Next/Previous Change toolbar buttons is now much more efficient
• The Java Runtime Environment bundled with Merge has been upgraded to 1.8.0_121-b13
• The layout of the items on the Preferences▸Text Comparisons▸Editing page has been adjusted to reflect that of Merge for Windows
• The note on the Preferences▸Text Comparisons▸Expressions page has been reworded to match that of Merge for Windows
• The Show line numbers preference has been renamed to Show line numbers and byte offsets, to better reflect its purpose and to match Merge for Windows
• The note on the File Types preference page has been adjusted for clarity
• A redundant hyphen has been removed from the label of the Automatically reload externally modified files preference
• Unnecessary labels on the file and folder comparison Fonts/Colours preference pages have been removed
• Controls on the file comparison Fonts/Colours preference page have been repositioned
• Items on the Preferences▸Folder Comparisons▸Scan preference page have been reworded and repositioned
• The note on the Preferences▸Application▸Credentials page has been reworded for clarity, and to better match Merge for Windows
• The label for the Ignore differences in line-ending characters (CR and LF) preference now includes a hyphen
• Binary and text comparisons use a significantly re-architected comparison engine; this should have no user-visible effects, but eases the way for future maintenance and enhancement
• The Merge major version has been updated to 2017, to reflect the year of release

Defects Fixed
• Line ending characters are preserved when merging buttons are used to copy content from one text comparison pane into an empty pane, and also when items on the ribbon Replace content menu are used to copy content into an empty pane
• The Tab key types a single tab character when the Tab key inserts a tab character instead of cycling focus preference is set
• It is no longer possible to zoom-out an image to a uselessly small size
• In an image comparison on macOS Sierra, moving the Swap slider control all the way to the right while Highlight Changed is checked no longer undoes the swap
• Several minor memory leaks have been rectified
• The File▸Open▸Open Saved Preferences… menu item is now always enabled
• The built-in macOS Sierra support for tabbed windows is now correctly disabled when running the Yosemite or El Capitan variants of Araxis Merge on Sierra; note that, as always, it is nevertheless strongly recommended that the correct variant of Merge be used for each version of macOS
• References to OS X have been changed to macOS in the line-endings drop-down menus on various save dialogs
• The Zoom label in the Japanese localization of image comparisons is no longer cropped
• The vertical alignment of the circular help buttons throughout Merge has been made consistent
• An obsolete reference to OS X Mavericks has been removed from the Preferences>Application>Versions page



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