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Antivirus VK Pro 6.1.0

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Antivirus VK Pro

Antivirus VK Pro 6.1.0 | 160 MB


Give your Mac the Antivirus VK Pro with a live detection system! Do you have problems with a slow Mac or annoying popups and ads taking over your browser causing headache? You just found the solution. This app is the perfect choice for your needs. It will restore your browser and clean your Mac from any malware it finds.


Antivirus VK scans all your files and folders from your system thoroughly. Its scanning engine has passed all the EICAR test files and detected over 4 million malware. With the advancement of technology and internet era, it is very likely that the system can get affected very fast leading to corruption of your hardware. The virus can attack your system in any form which makes it necessary to keep all your files safe and uncorrupted. “Antivirus VK” has an intuitive user interface with great performance. The app quickly makes a thorough scan of all the files in your system. The upcoming releases also focus on the new look with more usability options along with features to detect new viruses. Download the app and keep your system always protected from malware. The antivirus app is daily updated to detect new malware and fast mirror servers for the latest updates. Stay updated and stay protected with “Antivirus VK.”



  • New – Live detection of suspicious applications.
  • Stop worrying that you had downloaded and installed a suspicious application.
  • We got your back! We are actively scanning the Applications folder and alert you when we find something suspicious.
  • Detect and remove malware found in your Mac.

Primary options:

  • Fast Scan – will look into critical locations of your Mac and fast identify any malware
  • Full Scan – will provide you the best results and achieve one of the best detection rates
  • Custom Scan – can be used to scan USB drives or any external drive or folder
  • Browser Clean – give your browser a new life. It will restore your browser clean any suspicious findings.

What’s New:

Version 6.1.0:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.



Previous version

Alternative download: here

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars (No Ratings Yet For Antivirus VK Pro 6.1.0 )

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