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Aescripts Geometrize

Aescripts Geometrize v1.0.0.1 for After Effects MacOS | 2.7 MB

Geometrize! Recreates images as abstract arrangements of shapes.


Geometrize! is a Adobe After Effects extension for geometrizing images into shapes. Using only geometric primitives (rectangles, triangles and ellipses) the software recreates images as abstract arrangements of shapes.

Given an image to recreate, Geometrize generates hundreds of random shapes, and repeatedly mutates these as part of a hillclimbing optimization approach. Geometrization algorithm ranks thousands of these shapes behind the scenes, only picking the best-fitting shapes for use in the final image.


  • 3 geometric primitives
  • 3 rescale types
  • Support Alpha chanal
  • Export to SVG and PNG
  • Drag & Drop
  • Pseudo Effect controls
  • Additional wiggle animation
  • 3 types of results

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